5135 points
apbadogsZ 3242 points
Now draw the Imgur logo!
qwijybo 324 points
Near perfect drawing.
LeoKeidran 19 points
5/7 rating
Axxith12 2 points
That's 100%!
Bajskorv 280 points
Drew penis instead of arrow: 100%
JKLyin 12 points
Its a rocket ship
Bajskorv 3 points
A red rocket ship
ScrewMyVacationPlansIGuess 3 points
A cocket ship
hockeyham 62 points
42% drew penises...
SpecialOedipus 7 points
This turned my mental chuckle into a verbal physical chuckle
CraftyCait 3 points
This has 42 upvotes. I'm going to leave it, but I chuckled.
Urmomsdirtyfriend 49 points
That one down vote was sarah......
f1223214 9 points
Is that an app thing ? I could never figure out where the comments' downvotes are from the computer...
BigOlAnimeTiddiesV2 5 points
Yes, it's an app thing
radicalflaarqueen -2 points
StopAskingMeForAnAccountImgurIWannaLurk 0 points
AnykindofTacos 32 points
dortmunder 14 points
That's quite a bicep
JKLyin 4 points
CygnusKitty 9 points
3/7 drew the old logo
MrSaturday 3 points
CygnusKitty 1 point
Not everyone would... that’s why it’s not perfect
landofbob 8 points
Well, that's a perfect 5/7.
WalkItOutLikeTheFlash 5 points
MyNameUsedToBeMrTorgue 13 points
Ironically accurate, given Imgur is something like 84%+ males.
TheBoysInTheLab 16 points
The internet: Where the men are men, the women are men, and the children are also men.
Martellus 13 points
No, the children are FBI agents.
Mugz 2 points
Now that's some old school meme history my dawg, very nice
LadiesInboxMeYourInsecurities 11 points
And most of them wanna fuck men dressed as women.
MyNameUsedToBeMrTorgue 7 points
This isn't 4chan, mate.
LadiesInboxMeYourInsecurities 5 points
And yet they still do. Amazing.
ixelyth 6 points
TygrF 3 points
Yet pointing out that traps are, indeed, gay results in downvote oblivion...
LadiesInboxMeYourInsecurities 2 points
I always do it anyway. They're dudes with tits not chicks with dicks.
MyNameUsedToBeMrTorgue -1 points
You're thinking transgirls. Traps are dragqueens. Calling transgirls "dudes with tits" is transphobic, my dude.
FluffySeaTurtle 5 points
Wait, really?
MyNameUsedToBeMrTorgue 0 points
ruint 2 points
More likely closer to 50/50, but males more likely to comment or reveal their gender.
MyNameUsedToBeMrTorgue 0 points
HelloMax 0 points
Aloofgoof 1 point
That sounds like a number pulled out of a bum
MyNameUsedToBeMrTorgue 0 points Imgur literally advertises that number
KjetilNorwegian 4 points
Tried double clicking to upvote. Ended up with a giant penis on my screen in a public place.
BigTex1 4 points
Makinbrosmadonimgurandnotgivingafuck 3 points
FriskySour 4 points
wooshoo1992 2 points
Is that you Micheal Kosta?
TheCorpseJester 2 points
Near Perfect
TheMedGeek 2 points
Drew logo like a chode and not a long shaft of ads 90%
Floridamanmakeslightsaber 2 points
Better than the current icon
DavidFrostbite 673 points
This is the quality shit I signed up for. +1 OP
Dickpiclover 21 points
As someone who’s studying marketing, this is fascinating. Being stoned might also have something to do with it.
Kamica 9 points
As someone who's neither stoned nor studying marketing, I too found this fascinating.
chri21 3 points
You are a marketing student. You are supposed to be stoned. Both in the literal and figurative sense ;) love from a Finance graduate
cptwott 1 point
You got stoned? Glad you survived.
TheBoysInTheLab -5 points
Remember this map. Girl walks past I say "Nice Cannes" She says "Excuse me?" I say "My Italian road trip!"
StevenGlandsburg 28 points
TheBoysInTheLab 8 points
This has lead me on a merry little romp through the history of Nice. You are correct, and thanks!
madjo -4 points
Also Nice is not pronounced ze english way "nice", but more like "niece", so your pun doesn't work, now feel bad.
DavidFrostbite 3 points
madjo 1 point
/de pleuris krijgt
TriggerWarning 318 points
I wish you gave a warning so I could draw the logo from memory myself before seeing the results:P
lamecanique 68 points
Drink a bottle of vodka to forget and then try again.
StartOfOm 6 points
heisman86 36 points
Do other logos. Like McDonald’s, kfc, Taco Bell, trump steaks, and Home Depot.
greenninjatx 8 points
No. Its not the same!
AdmJota 4 points
But then you can't compare yours to the aggregate results.
itsahorse 1 point
frengers -6 points
Stfu u lil bitch
TriggerWarning 3 points
On command of a mouthbreather? I'll pass/
frengers 0 points
RonSwansonsHernia 162 points
This my kind of people right here
Sekai 69 points
+1 to whoever drew the squid
jay5M 39 points
Somebody drew a foot in a locker.
Afelium 15 points
Foot licker?
PMmeYourFeetLadies 4 points
HippDeutschMan 143 points
T-T-T-T-Taaaaargeeeeeeet!! *Dancehall horns in the back*
Dickpiclover 18 points
I believe they’re called airhorns
HippDeutschMan 8 points
I believe you are correct good sir. *BEWBEWBEWBEWWWWWWWWWBBB*
TygrF 3 points
*looks at can* This isn't deodorant...
mellamotoro 1 point
I had a dream last night that I was shopping for deodorant in a warehouse.
TygrF 3 points
*looks at can* This isn't deodorant...
bluntfakie 1 point
Another good meme
Dickpiclover 1 point
If we’re talking about that BEWBEWBEWBEEEEEWWWWW you hear at sporting games.
HippDeutschMan 2 points
Dickpiclover 1 point
Yup those are airhorns.
CaptainMilk 56 points Stoborks
Sprixxen 1 point
vexumy 49 points
Someone put Pizza Huts logo for Dominoes lol
BigPharma 2 points
and someone wrote Walmart, but did the Petsmart bouncing ball on top
tremblesosoftly 1 point
And somehow it isn't the least accurate?
SunBrolem 2 points
Reminder that on that chart is also the word "dominoes" over a drawing of a pizza.
AGrammeIsBetterThanADamn 34 points
Hey so, can we just talk about THIS guy a second
Sure here he is,
CaptainMilk 26 points welcum to sobibs
SwordsToTheSkyWeRideAtDawn 21 points
On the Apple one, several remembered the old/first logo
marsgoose 9 points
I like the gay apple logo too, the white one is lame
InkyBlinkyPinkyAndClyde 6 points
Because it was the best one!
Dryheat 5 points
They should get bonus points.
Counterfit 3 points
The rainbow apple was actually their second logo. The first one was a fancy drawing of Newton chilling under a tree.
tooomanystevesgotbanned 2 points
Agreed. I had the rainbow apple sticker on a desk as a child in the early 90s.
tomatoboy 2 points
Yup. I think Walmart and a few others, too.
chikichikiyei 18 points
What the hell was that 1 guy thinking when he didn't drew an apple. APPLE, IS RIGHT THERE!
JHawke 3 points
Apple is probably the only company whose logo I know, as in can draw...ish. No clue which side is bitten but whatever.
monkeymuffins 2 points
McDonald's? Nike?
JHawke 1 point
Nop, but before you judge me I'm half blind and have no visual imagination. I see the apple logo up close quite often when I fix things >
JHawke 1 point
> but my experience with mcdonalds is people shouting "MCDONALDS" and my experience with nike is, shoes other people buy.
JHawke 1 point
(perhaps slightly ironic I do know nikes slogan is let's do it or some variation)
fuznotfuz 16 points
TIL that Domino's is actually… from France.
fuznotfuz 7 points
Babbsykun1337 1 point
Lol I get it
Chloesaurus 1 point
I get the joke, but it's actually from Michigan.
Staddi 4 points
Michigan is a little bit french, isn't it?
Chloesaurus 1 point
Also, the 3 dots represent the first three stores. Tom Monaghan wanted to add a dot with each new store at first, but he changed his mind.
Quaxx 13 points
It's not fair when you draw the logo perfectly but it's not the recent one. Companies changing their logos too fast.
Anarch157a 3 points
Or maybe old people who grew up used to the old logo. Memory is funny, things from youth tends to be remembered better than new stuff.
InsufferablePedant 2 points
I know, right? Apple JUST stopped using the rainbow apple 20 years ago, how am I supposed to keep up??
drosophilamelanogaster 4 points
What's wrong with ignoring Apple for 20 years?
thefwank 3 points
And it's *Still* a mistake.
NotAfraidToOffendYou 1 point
TBF walmart hasn't changed logo since 92
Onisa 2 points
Local Walmart had the old star logo until it moved buildings two and a half years ago.
yepesmedina 12 points
When no one notices someone put a Pizza Hut logo when they asked for domino’s logos lol
JohnyRo 18 points
I mean... You *can* have both axes of a graph be the same thing, but should you?!
RobBobertyYT 5 points
One could have been correct color ratio and the other correct shapes
drosophilamelanogaster 1 point
Could have, they aren't labelled correctly though, so they aren't
Mankytoes 3 points
They should have done a big circle with the most accurate in the middle and the least accurate furthest out.
JohnyRo 1 point
That could work. They seemed to have stacked 1D slices in such a way that X pertains to elements in a row and Y to entire rows.
DrunkSnowWhite 2 points
If both are the same thing, then it should be drawn as a 1D scale rather than a 2D graph because none should be able to have 2 dif values
DavidFrostbite 1 point
It means the scale moves diagonally
JohnyRo 1 point
That would be reasonable, but it doesn't. They seem to have stacked left to right slices of a would be 1D diagram top to bottom to get 2D.
biskoi 10 points
SwordsToTheSkyWeRideAtDawn 5 points
I notice McD is not here, that I guess would be a 90% Near Perfect Drawing? Actually, I now remember, more people know the golden arches 1/2
Durango 10 points
Considering there's people not drawing an apple for fucking APPLE and some drawing pizza hut for domino's, pretty it would be less than 90%.
nero4ty2 5 points
which one didn't draw an apple for apple? and if you put a gun to my head i couldn't draw either of the pizza logos from memory
Durango 1 point
My drawing would be pretty shitty too, but it's not even the issue the issue here: Drawing's fine, it's just an entierly different brand lol
nero4ty2 1 point
I'd probably just draw a pizza, i'm sure thats the logo of some national brand right?
Durango 1 point
Dunno but it sure as hell would be way less specific that the red rooftop of pizza hut.
Durango 1 point
The crescent on a rectangle one. If it's meant to be an apple, man, that's really awful. It's closer to a grey Turkish flag than an apple.
SwordsToTheSkyWeRideAtDawn 3 points
than the cross.....which is odd, but christianity isn't spread as much as McD is 2/2
Idontlikeolives 3 points
Brand Recognition is an amazing topic for Intellectual Get-togethers. At least, I think so...I've never been...
lumugraph 3 points
fantapants75 4 points
Problems is most didn’t even make a proper attempt at drawing the logos, so it fucks the statistics
UnpopularOpinionPuffinPersonified 2 points
Those are people who don't know what the logo is. So they are asked to draw something. It actually makes them accurate.
DeltaBlast 1 point
I guess a fixed group of people was told to draw the logo, with "if you don't remember, draw anything". Still correct statistics though.
fantapants75 -5 points
A smiley face for Walmart, really?. A T in a target for Target, really?. A picture of a brown shoe for adidas, really? A bit of bullshit
aTokenOfMyExtreme 10 points
Didn't wal mart used to have a smiley face in it's logo?
textilelover 7 points
It was in their "rollback prices" advertisement, if I recall correctly.
DeltaBlast 2 points
DeltaBlast 3 points
The smile is on the greeters vest, not weird that people remember that. Link in reply.
DeltaBlast 2 points
nero4ty2 3 points
hey, here's a brand you haven't looked at or paid attention to for ten years, draw the logo! what do you expect?
Mankytoes 1 point
I would fuck up loads of these, this sort of thing really doesn't stick in my brain.
Syphryn 1 point
Is it really bullshit if it's asking random people to draw some logo they never really pay attention to from memory?
oDROOo 2 points
So can we agree the McDonald's won?
thericfactor 2 points
This is why I don't believe in the Mandela Effect
SunBrolem 2 points
Theres always that one that just looks absolutely nothing like the actual logo or any logo that company has ever had.
dingdongbannu 2 points
ProbablyAtWork 2 points
Someone drew the pizza hut logo for dominoes SMH
mcbotulism 2 points
The old Burger King and Domino's logos were better and shouldn't have been changed. Pizza Hut, too.
TresusIbor 2 points
Who else looked for the NSFW one in the Starbucks chart?
Cyclicus 2 points
“Missed the apostrophe” 55% Of course they did.
ImSimplyAChairLeg 2 points
I spy a pizza hut employee drawing the domino's logo lol.
JustAnotherDan 2 points
And this is why we have the "Mandela effect"
SteveMND 1 point
667kusag 2 points
someone drew Pizza Hut logo instead of domino's...
dublfrick 2 points
InfocalypseRising 2 points
I want to talk to the people who weren't even close. Like who just drew a fucking pizza for Domino's?
capnsebastian 1 point
Some people just drew a straight up fucking red apple, they probably didnt understand the game
InsufferablePedant 1 point
In the early 90s, Apple vendors were required to use a red or black version of the Apple logo
kleenex 1 point
CapnAndy 1 point
You can't have Accurate as both axes on a graph! You just can't!
dundermiffIin 1 point Here is the tenth image of the study...
mangoshapedspace 1 point
seeing domino's and i shouted vive la france!
originalWFHhipster 1 point
Marketing classes will discuss the brilliance of the Target logo. Who doesn't know what a target looks like?
TheWoodpeckerSighed 1 point
Okay, but the Apple Logo with the multi-color IS correct.
CaptainThePirate 1 point
They should have included McDonalds. It would be that kid that ruins the bell curve for the whole class.
beetcher 1 point
The Target logo used to have a lot more rings, back when it was Minnesota only. Some stores had groceries and bakeries.
bigbirdchokingonausedcondom 1 point
The drawings at the beginning are the funniest
vicesat 1 point
Drew a simley face, yep im in the 3%
Isometimesseedeadpeople 1 point
When they say people do they mean young children? Looks like people are struggling with letters, or maybe people just don’t write anymore.
Spearka 1 point
the x and y axes are the same, this annoys me more than it should
ProxyPlayerHD 1 point
some of those people drew the older logos. some are just idiots
MaurogDark 1 point
Target's logo game is on point
swampwish 1 point
Nike would win in this.
nommon 1 point
The "forgot the brand name" part is misleading -- brands have different lockups of their logo for different uses, some without the name.
whatspaulplayingtoday 1 point
"Drew a different type of sun". That's a fucking sun? It's a yellow anus, you can't fool me, Walmart.
hypostatic 1 point
I really dislike the "accuracy vs accuracy" graph. The X/Y axis differential has no meaning
TheYoungerLance 1 point
The fact that either no one drew a steaming pile of crap, or the authors did not include it is criminal.
vahnn 1 point
I don't know why this is so fascinating.
imgurmademedoit2 1 point
X axis = Y axis??
twohealthypoos33 1 point
Was waiting for the McDonalds logo.
pauljs75 1 point
"Actual colors and logo"... Completely neglects design changes for the time the company existed. Some have over a dozen variants.
pauljs75 1 point
Ok... Looks like some of the ones lower on the list accounted for a bit. But it seems all of them have had changes.
UglyHorribleGrouchyOldMan 1 point
CaramelRhapsody 1 point
I found this oddly interesting. +1
iamkarlpilkington 1 point
No surprise no one accidentally drew the original Apple logo
Wario64I 1 point
Some people arent even trying
NeckDeepInAGiraffe 1 point
How well do you know your corporate overlords?
ryvenheart 1 point
Why is the same dimension "accuracy" on both axes?
xxjasmin31xx 1 point
@OP do you have sauce? I Would love to include it in a blog :)
UncleBiscuits 1 point
I like the guy who just drew a giant orange "L" for the Footlocker logo.
YouThinkThatsBad 1 point
That person who did the upper left Walmart logo really didn’t want to be here
Sofakingsoft 1 point
This is probably the most interesting thing I’ve seen on here in a while thank you for sharing.
firstandlast85 1 point
these were fun, +1
ColonKoala 1 point
Did there used to be a really popular app just like this? Where you had to guess logos with only parts given to you?
RobBobertyYT 1 point
Yes. Probably still out there. Don't remember the name
NinjasStoleMyMama 1 point
"near perfect drawing"
railgap 1 point
The Apple one is full of fail tho.
Arcticraider 1 point
White and red ikea is the old one. Just wanna clarify since they used that parameter in walmarts chart
ShanshanWei 1 point
joltmello 1 point
Corporate sphincter
Gawky 1 point
well trained consumers
morefreepizza 1 point
Favorite and forget.
RachTrap 1 point
thats not a star on the walmart logo it's a spark.
eratosthenesearth 1 point
I some of these better than the official version.
ErasmusTycho 1 point
TheLateKnight 1 point
I mean a lot of these were correct at some point.
DisNinja 1 point
PiGiSpi 1 point
someone must be getting paid a decent chunk of money for finding info like this
ImAnActionBirb 1 point
maddeanimator10 1 point
So are these digital drawings? Trying to think how else they'd have slightly different colors
TheDoctorAP 1 point
Some of these depend on the year/country though
interlorn 1 point
What? No one wrote "Woldemort" in Walmart?
alwaysupvotefuturama 1 point
Interesting. Have my upvote.
freegallegal 1 point
Grizz, synthesize this information.
SwordsToTheSkyWeRideAtDawn 1 point
If it's not BK, then it's McD that "makes the kids draw the logo for a toy-prize", it's a booklet or sheet where they solve puzzles, 1/2
SwordsToTheSkyWeRideAtDawn 1 point
draw, do some math and draw the logo. If you draw shit correctly the first time, you are much more likely to draw it correctly next time 2/2
ChateauDeBen 1 point
This motherfucker is going places. Yeah.
iseeyoureyournuts 0 points
Hang on while I go memorize the HUNDREDS of common corporate logos, including Pantone colors, in case someone ever asks me to draw them.
Skyjack567 0 points
Its almost like none of this stuff actually matters and most people don't care. Shocker.
Fatbino 0 points
France remembers Domino's very well
ProfessorAssBlast2020 -4 points
this can be many things but interesting is definitely not one of them
ItDoesntMatterWhoWeAre 1 point
Agreed. People not being able to remember things that don't even matter...